What Is The Nature Of Carrageenan?

Carrageenan, carrageenan also called carrageenans, is a hydrophilic polymer polysaccharide is extracted from marine red algae, is the world's three outstanding natural seaweed gel products (agar, carrageenan, sodium alginate) of. Food grade carrageenan characterized by white to yellowish brown, surface shrinkage, slightly shiny translucent sheet or powder, tasteless, sticky taste slip. Gels formed by carrageenan are thermally reversible, forming gels even when they melt into a solution and when the solution temperature drops.

What are the properties of carrageenan?

1. carrageenan has gelling properties. The gelling properties of carrageenan are related to its chemical composition, structure and molecular size.

2. carrageenan has solubility, carrageenan can dissolve at more than 70 degrees Celsius in the warm water, in which the sulfate content is more, more easily dissolved.

3. carrageenan has stability, in neutral or alkaline solution, carrageenan is very stable. When pH is 9, it is most stable and does not hydrolyze even when heated. Prone to acid catalyzed hydrolysis under pH=4, the gel strength and viscosity decreased.

4. carrageenan is reactive, and the biggest difference between carrageenan and other water-soluble macromolecules is that it interacts with proteins.

5. carrageenan has rheological properties, and the viscosity of carrageenan solution increases exponentially with the increase of concentration, and decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature.

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