What Kind Of Effect Does Konjac Gum Have And Function?

Qingdao Hui Hui marine Bio Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in compounding natural edible colloid, and has realized the application of many kinds of products. Among them, konjac gum played a vital role. Which konjac gum has any effect and function? Konjac gum is a kind of glucomannan extracted from the tuber of natural edible konjak, and it is a macromolecule polysaccharide. Konjac gum has the characteristics of low heat, strong water absorption, large viscosity and high expansion rate, and can adsorb cholesterol and bile acid. It has certain effect on reducing blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular attack. Konjac also contains soluble dietary fiber, which is very effective in inhibiting postprandial blood sugar, so konjac flour and its products are ideal hypoglycemic foods for diabetics.

What specific functions and functions does it have?

Konjac heat is very low, and after water absorption coefficient of expansion is very large, in the stomach has a role in filling, can increase satiety, konjac control weight effect is very obvious. Konjac is a highly absorbent natural hydrophilic colloids, in the large intestine after the water swelling volume, short chain fatty it produced by colon bacteria decompose acid, can promote intestinal peristalsis, shorten the defecation time, defecation without causing diarrhea of natural smooth. Its rich plant cellulose, help activate intestinal function, speed up the excretion of harmful toxins in the body, protect the intestinal tract. The main component of konjac glucomannan mannose rich dietary fiber, amino acids and trace elements, while strengthening the protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, is an ideal substitute for staple food.

As a soluble dietary fiber, konjac gum can form a protective layer around the food, thus preventing digestion of enzymes and food. Konjac gum in the stomach can absorb water swelling (80-100 times), can suppress appetite, satiety, so that food intake decreased. Konjac gum can retard the absorption of nutrients such as cholesterol and monosaccharides, thereby reducing the synthesis of lipids and acids in the body. Konjac gum has Runchang, laxative function, can increase the amount of bowel movement, and therefore has the role of intestinal cleansing.

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