What Kind Of Industry Can Carrageenan Be Used In?

Carrageenan excellent rheological characteristics, good compatibility and synergistic effect with other food gum, has the obvious characteristics of the interaction of protein and other ingredients in the food, so it is widely used in food industry.

Used in water jelly, jelly and jam, Boudin and other series of gel food, the synergistic effect between carrageenan and mannan gum, locust bean gum and other food gum, can improve the gel properties of carrageenan, produce elastic and excellent sense of chewing the gel products.

As the quality improver in meat products using carrageenan and konjac flour mixture can improve the meat products (ham, sausage, lunch meat) yield and quality.

Beer, wine, such as containing some colloidal substances, stored in the process of easy to produce turbidity or precipitation, it is necessary to add a clarifier. Under certain conditions, carrageenan can be added to such products, which can quickly produce flocculation and precipitation with colloidal substances, so as to achieve the purpose of quick clarification.

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