Where Can Carrageenan Be Made?

Edible gum is a food additive used widely in the world, especially in the food industry is relatively developed countries, almost all foods have used edible gum, carrageenan as a kind of edible gum, which have many excellent properties, plays an increasingly important role in food processing.

Carrageenan (Carrageenan) also called carrageenan, carrageenans extracted from red algae, is a hydrophilic polymer polysaccharide. Different sources of red algae carrageenan has fine structure different, its colloidal properties are not the same, even the same source, different extraction conditions lead to different molecular weight degradation products, nature is also different. Therefore, carrageenan is only a generalized name. At present, the commercial production of carrageenan mainly has Kappa (Kappa), iota (Aota) and Lambda (Lamda) - type carrageenan.

Carrageenan can be dissolved in hot water and hot milk. An easily flowing liquid that is viscous, transparent, or slightly milky in solution. Carrageenan can only absorb water, expand and not dissolve in cold water. According to the characteristics of carrageenan, more applications of the food are: jelly production, soft candy production, meat production and ice cream production.


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