Where Is Konjac Gum?

Konjac gum also known as konjac powder, is extracted from the herb of konjac tuber, the main ingredient is glucomannan (Konjac glucomannan, referred to as KGM), it is a kind of non-ionic water-soluble polysaccharide, as a natural and healthy food, raw materials or ingredients, has been widely used in beverage and jelly ice cream, meat products, flour products and other foods, with the continuous demand for health, natural, low-fat foods, konjac gum because of its unique features, will show its huge application space.

Konjac - Qingdao Hui marine life

Compared with xanthan gum, guar gum, locust bean gum and other food additives, it is affected by the salt system is very small, it is used for food, can improve the physical properties of food, increase food viscosity, to give food to smooth taste, suitable and stable emulsion state and suspended state. Konjac gum has the characteristics of health care, thickening, emulsifying, adhesion, water absorption, can use the health care function of production of low-fat meat products and its gel; synergy can improve the toughness of meat products, and slices of liqueur; thickening and absorption can prevent condensate water, oily meat analysis system increase the bond products, meat products; emulsification can adhesion between dissolution improve meat products in meat and the muscle protein.

It can be seen that konjac gum has been widely used in meat production. Konjac gum is a healthy source of dietary fiber. It can be used as food raw materials, ingredients or additives in various foods. In general, konjac gum is used in combination as a fat substitute for low-fat meat products.

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