Water-based Release Agent for Cement Products

Water-based Release Agent for Cement Products
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Mold Release Agent for Concrete


The mold release agents for concrete and masonry veneer manufacturers provide: 

Concrete is one of the most widely utilized materials for building and construction projects globally. However, in applications where concrete is utilized to mimic the appearance of natural stones (veneer/masonry stone) or in instances where the concrete is meant to be exposed for aesthetic appearance, such as in architectural concrete applications, then high performance mold release agents should be utilized.

The reasons for utilizing these specialized release agents in such circumstances are important from an economic perspective. When dealing with either veneer stone or architectural concrete, the end customer desires a specific look. The use of high performance mold release agents allows that look to be achieved in an economical manner by providing high surface quality, consistent color pigmentation, reduction/elimination of “bug holes” and accurate replication of natural stone patterns. This also reduces the amount of scrap that the manufacturer produces, thus improving efficiency and reducing cost. As well, by utilizing a high performance release agent, the manufacturer will also extend the useful life of each mold, which again reduces overall operating costs.

The mold release agents for concrete and masonry veneer manufacturers provide:

· Extended service life of flexible molds

· Optimal pigment transfer and color appearance

· Improved release ease

· Highly dilutable water-based materials

· Cleaner, safer environments

· Low/No VOC for LEED approval

· Higher quality parts

· Less downtime

· Lower scrap rates

· Cleaner molds


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