Aerosol of Oil-based and External Release Agent for Wax Products

Aerosol of Oil-based and External Release Agent for Wax Products
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Mold Release Agent for Die Castings


mold release agent for aluminum alloy die casting 
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meet RoHS  


This series environment-friendly aluminum alloy mould release agent . Aluminum alloy mould release agent is applicable to car parts, communications equipment, electric tools, lighting, audio equipment and computer accessories, etc.,  do not contain HAP and PAHS, meets the latest ROHS and REACH environmental protection standard, conforms to the ISO16949 enterprise production quality index, cost-effective, uses widely!

Product features:

1. Excellent demolding performance

When aluminum alloy mold mould release agent  is sprayed to the mould surface, its effective ingredients form dense film at once. The membrane in the injection process is high pressure resistant, scouring resistant, low friction coefficient, effectively prevents die-casting products to soldering with the mold. It can help the die-casting product not adhering to the mould and prevent product variant. At the same time the excellent lubrication performance speeds up the flowing aluminum liquid, so that the aluminum liquid can rapidly form a mould. 

2. Excellent surface brightness

This mould release agent  adopt rare and special materials. It can effectively solve the problems such as casting surface turns black, too much water lines and cold shut. Can solve the problems happening in postprocessing, such as: polishing and electroplating. 

3. Fully protect the mold

This mould release agent forms a protective film on the mould surface. Effectively reduce the heat for the mould and reduce the impact from the liquid aluminum to the machine. Correct selection of high quality mould mould release agent can effectively protect the mould , prolong the life of the mould and reduce the repair.

4. No carbon deposition

This mould release agent  is very easy to use. No carbon deposition, no in-cavity deposition , no mold scale and no oxide skin. Reduce the times to clean the mould, and if you use this  mould release agent  the product surface will be bright and clean, does not affect the subsequent spray plating, polishing and surface treatment.

5. Excellent high temperature resistant performance

This mould release agent   has good thermal stability and chemical stability. In the using range of temperature it do not oxidize, not burn, not corrode the mould and not resolve residues on the mould surface. Even at high temperature 300 °C, weight lost few (thermal weight loss not more than 10%). Thus assure, at the high temperature, a strong demoulding film is formed on the mold. Restraining high temperature sintering, reach the role of lubrication and demoulding.

6. Good cooling effect

In die casting process because of the high temperature, mould has been heating ,the temperature of liquid metal rises, and the high mold temperature makes die casting defect. SAKURAI  mould release agent   effectively controls these problems .Such as: soldering, blistering, cracking, and burned.  

7. High safety performance

This mould release agent  is non-toxic, non-flammable, no corrosion, no chemical reaction. In the process of use mould release agent  does not contain harmful smoke.  

Physical and chemical data:

The smell

Little smell

The appearance

Milky  white  liquid

Freezing point



1.10 PH

Using temperature


Refraction coefficient @20°C


Solid content




Usage : 

1. The recommended using dosage (dilution ratio) : general processing: 1:120 complex processing: 1:80, please finally determine the best dilution ratio according to test concentration deployed by the technology personnel! 

2. If your usage will be excess the typical usage please contact us for technical support.

3. Mix with water after use (diluted concentrate liquid with the water ).  

4. Please use deionized water to dilute, helping to prolong the life of working liquid, reduce the usage of concentrate , fully reflects the performance of the processing fluid.

5. Unless the technical services allow , do not add other material to concentrate and diluent.

6. The concentration of control may be achieved through the refractometer and refraction coefficient of diluent concentration percentage.


1, Die-casting  mould release agents must dilute with pure water, dilution ratio 1:80-1:120, and gently shake or stir when you use; Dilution ratio is appropriately adjusted according to the complexity of the casting and the depth of the mould.

2, Using the spray gun or automatic system to spray, pay attention to spray evenly and blow dry.

3, The best using temperature of the mould is 200 °C to 350 °C.

4, Die-casting mould mould release agent stored under normal temperature, pay attention to prevent frostbite prevent bask in, after opening pay attention to hermetic seal and store well.


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