Water-based and External Release Agent for Wax Products

Water-based and External Release Agent for Wax Products
Product Details

Metal Die Casting Mould Release Agent

Product Features:
1. Excellent resistance to high temperature and excellent performance of lubricity;

2. Does not affect the post-processing performance(such as Painting, electroplating,
printing) of castings;

3. Excellent resistance to high temperature, no carbonation even at the temperature
of 360°C, therefore no residues, no smoke on the die and molded part;

4. Soluble in hydrocarbons, ethers, esters solvent.

Technical Index:

Composition: Modified alkyl aryl polysiloxane

Appreance: Light Yellow or transparent oily liquid

Specific gravity at 25℃: 0.8900-0.9505

Active Ingredient %: 100%

Viscosity (at 25℃, cst): 1000~1500

Refractive index at 25℃: 1.4620-1.4660

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