Water-based Release Agent for Alloy Die-casting

Water-based Release Agent for Alloy Die-casting
Product Details

Die Casting Mold Release Agent

Name: Die Casting Mold Release Agent

Density: >0.9

Appearance: Liquid

Odor: Slight

Color: White

Packaging: 25 kg/barrel; 200 kg/drum


It is suitable for aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other metal material of die casting;

1. Easy to use;
2. Safety and non-toxic;
3. Non-corrosive;
4. The casting no gray phenomenon;
5. Had no effect on casting coating process;
6. High temperature resistance, good cleaning, lubrication and cooling effect. Have the function of mold release and cleaning.
7. Protect the mold and machine, prevent corrosion.

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