Aerosol of External Spraying and Non-silicone Release Agent for Magnetic Materials

Aerosol of External Spraying and Non-silicone Release Agent for Magnetic Materials
Product Details

Product Name: Magnetic External Spraying Non-Silicon Release Agent and Aerosols  

Product Type: F320

Product Feature:

1. Transparent liquid, flash point <=30, the proportion 0.63 kg/liter

2. It is non silicone mold release agent, with spray uniformity, easy to use, good lubrication isolation performance, can give products a bright surface, has a good protective effect for the molds

Scope of application:

It’s suitable for magnetic materials powder metallurgy products and a variety of cold or hot molded products, in particular, non-silicon and color coated products.

Using method:

Fully shake before use, light press nozzle in the distance 625px from the mold,  evenly spray into the mold cavity.


1. Flammable materials, must be far away from the fireworks and heat source

2. There is pressure in the bottle, not to be damaged or burned.

3. Keep good ventilation in the work place.

4. Don't burn bottles, spray off the contents in a safe place before discard, and use the nails to pierce the bottles wall. 

Packing, Storage and Transport:

1. 400ml spray bottle, 24 bottles per carton

2. Transport as the hazard goods, stored and use in the ventilated and cool place under 42℃.

3. Properly use it can’t cause the damage, if need the full details, please ask us MSDS.

Shelf Life:

12 months





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