External Spraying, Solvent-based and Semi-permanent Release Agent without Oil for Fluorine Rubber

External Spraying, Solvent-based and Semi-permanent Release Agent without Oil for Fluorine Rubber
Product Details

Product Name: External Spraying Solvent Oil-free Semi-permanent Release Agent for fluorine rubber

Product Type: E527/E588/E268

Product Feature:

1. Transparent liquid, the proportion is 0.68 kg/liter, flash point 30, 21℃ original liquid viscosity <30

2. It is solvent based semi permanent release agent, with a strong lubrication and isolation, without migration on the surface of the heat molded products, does not affect the subsequent operation, such as bonding, color coating, etc.

3. Excellent performance, one time spray can release mold repeatedly, can replace similar imported products

Scope of application:

It’s suitable for the heat molded products of metal molds, such as rubber tires, outsole, fluorine rubber, resin products, precise and non-demolding products.

Using method:

1. Thoroughly clean the molds before use.

2. Spray on the hot mold (90℃) or heat to sulfurizing temperature, but should not spray if mold temperature is higher than 180℃.

3. For the first time, it should be sprayed three times, the coating should be dried and kept for 15 minutes, so can release repeatedly. 

Packing, Storage and Transport:

1. 400ml spray bottle, 24 bottles per carton

2. Transport as the hazard goods, stored and use in the ventilated and cool place under 42℃, inflammable products.

3. Don't burn bottles, spray off the contents in a safe place before discard, and use the nails to pierce the bottles wall. 

Shelf Life:

12 months




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