Silicone Internal Release Agent for Miscellaneous Pieces of Rubber

Silicone Internal Release Agent for Miscellaneous Pieces of Rubber
Product Details

Product Name: Organosilicon Internal Release Agent for rubber parts

Product Type: N045

Main Ingredients: High performance organosilicon plastic lubricant (Silicone Ketone Masterbatch) 

Product Feature:

1. White powder, softening point 90±5℃.

2. Improve the filling ability and pressing capacity, improve production efficiency.

3. Promote internal lubrication, reduce internal stress, reduce energy consumption, save cost.

4. Reduce the viscosity of the products surface, improve the release performance of products 

5. Effectively improve the product performance, improve the smoothness, anti adhesion and abrasion resistance.

6. Excellent thermal stability, excellent dispersion properties, widely used in color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, dispersion and anti-sticking conductive masterbatch.

Scope of application:

It is widely used in rubber products, PMMA、PC、PET、PBT、PPU、PPS and other thermoplastic engineering plastics.

Reference dosage: generally add 0.3-3 copies.

Using method: added with filling materials together into banbury mixer

Packing, Storage and Transport:

1. 25kg/bag, PP composite bag.

2. Transport as the non-hazard goods, stored in ventilated, dry and cool place.

3. Properly use it can’t cause the damage, if need the full details, please ask us MSDS. 

Shelf Life:

12 months




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