Water-based and External Release Agent for Wood Fiber Products

Water-based and External Release Agent for Wood Fiber Products
Product Details

Mold Release Agent for Carbon Fiber


carbon fiber release agent is suitable for various fiber composite winding rod products. 

Fiber releasing agent is a kind of carbon fiber composite material special release agent, compared with similar products with release force is small, the surface is exquisite, reliable quality etc.. Release agent (mould release) is suitable for various fiber composite winding rodproducts such as (carbon fiber badminton racket, golf, fishing rod, carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber bicycle frame, shaft rod, fishing, tennis racket) release.

The release agent is a kind of functional material between the mold and products, is to prevent the rubber, plastics, elastomers or other materials, such as moldlaminate bonded to the mold or other layout, a kind of easy to separate from theeffects of processing aids.

The rapid development of injection, extrusion, clendering, embossing, laminating and other process.

Product characteristics:

1.Good stability 

At  the  mold  surface  can  be rapidly  formed,  the mold surface with 

Good adhesion, no accumulation in the mold and the product surface.
2.Excellent lubrication 

Film uniformity,smooth filling the slurry into the cavity,  while  greatly

Reducing friction between the mold product, making the product more Smoothly stripping and extend tool life.
3.Very low odor performance 

Smell  very  gentle ,  non-irritating  odor  in  operation,  maintain  good 

Environmental workshop.

4.Good safety performance

Does not contain any harmful ingredients, the human body without harm.
5.Good cleaning performance 

Mold surface is almost no residue, cleaning and maintenance  is  simple, 

Does not affect the smooth surface coating products.
6.Extension of time

Fog peer products in 10 product molds do fog, our products can be done

After 18-24  start  fogging  product  mold,  reduce  the  number of cleaning Mold  saving  sealing dosage, increase productivity.

Data sheet:


Colorless or light yellow liquid



Stripping force




1.First with a suitable solvent or cleaning agent thoroughly cleaned mold

Release  agent  to  remove  the old residual or other dirt then wipe with a

Clean cloth or towel.

2.Use  air-assisted  airless  spray  or  spray  equipment,  brush  available

Brushed or wiped with a cotton.

3.After each release, and then coated on the entire mold release layer of

The release agent evenly to ensure good releasing effect. 

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